Drafting Taliesin West


Below is a plan drawing of Taliesin West. This drawing makes it clear that Taliesin is not one single building, but a collection of smaller buildings, each with their own purpose. This design makes sense given the many purposes that Taliesin West served, from a private residence and studio to an architecture school.
5929-888888_1305704426-07This set of measured elevations gives a clearer impression of Wright’s philosophy for the building design. In many of his works Wright emphasized nature and horizontal movement, and in particular Taliesin West was designed specifically to emulate “Arizona’s long, low, sweeping lines, uptilting planes. Surface patterned after such abstraction in line and color as find ‘realism’ in the patterns of the rattlesnake, the Gila monster, the chameleon, and the saguaro, cholla or staghorn – or is it the other way around—are inspiration enough.”








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